May 25th 2004 New Design
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Do you miss the romance of days gone by? Then Capstone roofing is for you. Designed for homes with prominent roofs, Capstone has a classic slate-like appearance. It creates an indelible impression of deep shadows, particularly on homes with steeper roof profiles. The word "timeless" can be applied to both Capstone's cottage look and its performance. It's made with Formula FLX which makes it easier to install and reduces the risk of blow-off. We're so confident of its performance, we gave it a 40-year limited warranty and up to a 110 mph limited wind warranty.

Capstone® creates the indelible impression of deep shadows on homes with more prominent, steep roofs. Backed by a 40-year limited warranty with an option for limited transferability.

40 years, including 5-year limited wind warranty Umbrella Coverage - Non-prorated coverage for labor and shingles during the initial 10 years, plus and option for transferability*
*Check actual limited warranty for conditions and limitations.


Product size:  12 1/8" x 39 1/2" (308mm x 1003.3mm)
Exposure:  5" (127mm)
Pieces/Bundle:  18
Bundles/Square:  4/98.75
Squares/Pallet:  13
Available Colors:


Moss Rose

Fossil Grey

Village Green
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