May 25th 2004 New Design
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The Premium Choice

Choosing Elk premium laminated shingles is one of the best ways to improve the visual appeal and market value of your home. After all, up to 40% of your home's exterior may show as roofing - so your choice of a shingle is no small detail. The rich, dimensional appearance of Elk shingles makes a real statement.

Elk features a variety of distinctive roofing products in a wide range of colors, thicknesses and options, designed to provide your home with the best protection around. If you're looking for an ideal roof for your climate, your neighborhood, or your home, look to a whole different animal. Look to Elk - The Premium Choice®.

Since 1955, Elk has been producing fine roofing. Elk shingles are laminated so they look better, last longer and have more visual depth than ordinary shingles. Our innovative thinking and commitment to excellence have made ELK The Premium Choice of architects, builders, professional roofing contractors and discerning homeowners around the world.

A Few Elk Firsts:

  • First to adopt an improved technology for manufacturing fiberglass mat.
  • First to cut, combine, bond and package laminated shingles in one continuous cycle.
  • First to introduce a “mid-weight” laminated shingle – Prestique II.
  • First to offer a 40-year limited warranty.
  • First to offer a five-year wind-resistant limited warranty.
  • First to use computerized process control.
  • First to develop a random-cut product design.
  • First to increase product thickness to emphasize the aesthetics of depth and texture in premium fiberglass shingles.
  • First to produce a hip and ridge product with a sealant designed to reduce blow-off: Seal-A-Ridge® with FLX™.
  • First to offer a ridge product that folds, creating a high-profile look: Z®Ridge.
  • First to provide a roof accessory paint color-matched to our shingle products.
  • First to develop the High Definition® look, which uses a color gradation process to provide additional visual depth and a thicker appearance.
  • First to build specialized plants totally dedicated to the production of premium laminated products.

This record of innovation has made Elk The Premium Choice® for discerning homeowners, contractors, architects and builders all across the country.

Why put Elk Products on top of your home?

A Sound roof does more than protect the things you value. It protects the people you love. And when you feel safe, you're free to focus on the important thing in life - like the entertaining of friends and hosting family gatherings. That's why your choice of a roof is no small detail. You can take confidence in the was Elk shingles are constructed. All of our roofing products are laminated for extra durability and protection. UL wind resistant and Class "A" fire rated, they meet the current standards of the most stringent local building codes.

The many looks of Elk

Prestique premium roofing shingles, offered in three configurations, all feature our signature High Definition look. Reminiscent of real wood shingles, the distinctive visual depth and texture of Prestique is to improve the appeal, and often the market value, of your home.

New Prestique Grandé line of premium laminated High Definition shingles 8 1/4” exposure is designed to complement the large-scale roofs found on the finest of homes, its attractive appearance adds just the right amount of depth and texture to bigger homes.

The slate-like appearance of Capstone shingles is the perfect crowning touch for new traditional-style homes, as well as the ideal complement to a historic home undergoing renovation.

Capstone® creates the indelible impression of deep shadows on homes with more prominent, steep roofs. Backed by a 40-year limited warranty with an option for limited transferability.

Raised Profile shingles feature a subtle, even-toned look with the warmth of wood. With the durability of a laminated shingle, the are a decisive alternative to ordinary shingles in both looks and performance.
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